SBI mini bank and SBI mitra  

Every bank has their own policy an rules which you have to maintain at any storm, because all the customers are equal and part of their family so without being bias they give pretty awesome services to each and every people, this is one of reason people believe in ‘the sea of faith’!

We all know this fact that CSCs are giving government as well as private services at the citizen’s doorsteps. It is crux of National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) which received approval in the year 2006 as part of its commitment in the National Common Minimum Programme to spread e-Governance on a huge scale. It is offering high quality and cost- effective videos, voice and data content and services in the fields of education, health, e-governance, telemedicine, entertainment as well as some other private services.

Know more about SBI Kiosk Banking

There are great numbers of people, especially the migrant labourers and factory workers who do not hold their saving account and even unaware of opening an account due to reasons like not having official lands/ address and ID issues. This cause them great losses in their whole life and but that is why SBI mini bank has decided providing them some advantage for their betterment.

The services at the station of SBI Kiosk banking

  • Deposit of cash
  • SBI will let groom the product list of BC. Nevertheless BF work will get started after the stillness of BC work.
  • It will make process an easy in transferring money to SBI account holder in other areas.
  • Withdrawal of cash.

Profits of your customers

  • They will not have to run for services such as standard printer/scanner/ finger print device.
  • It will let your customer make regular SBI saving bank account.
  • Term Deposit/ recurring Deposit
  • A nice web cam
  • Easy loans against term Deposit Receipt (TDR) etc.
  • General motto Credit Card (GCC/ Kisan Credit Card, KCC )
  • Agreeable computer configuration; PC with a minimum configuration of 20 GB hard disk
  • Size of an outlet – It will be from 150 to 200 sq feet with a counter.
  • A ‘No Frills Accounts’ through KIOSK Banking CSP centre model.
  • They will be able to celebrate an Intel based chip from a highly provider.
  • Enough storage to receive 5- 6 customers at one time.
  • Unbreakable data connectivity through broad band or VSAT.

A Partnership for SBI Bank Mitra centre –   Being part of SBI mitra SPC, it will enrol SCA as Sub BC and VLE shall be customer Service Point (CSP) as per agreement with SBI for this amenity. This faithful partnership and amenities is accessible for all CSC retail offices with Web connectivity. VLE can go for enrolment for these amenities through SCA.

Transaction the customer can take 

  • Only cash transactions can be made and only in person by the account holder.
  • The maximum balance it can run in this is 50000. (If someone put more balance than this amount their account will be transformed into a regular bank account and the terms of the bank and documentations will apply to these accounts)
  • No cheque will be issued
  • Maximum amount which a customer can do is only 10, 000/- each day.
  • The customer can run their account even at zero balance because this is the minimum limit of balance.
  • Customer also can have profits from New Account, every Cash deposit/ cash withdrawal/ Loans and Money transfer or any services of the bank.

One step forward

SBI mini bank has truly proved it is a reliable bank as it has given so many wonderful facility so its customer and CSC has announced that it has signed officially with State bank of India on 30th Dec 2011 that all its customer will be able to appoint its outlet as an appointed Customer Service Points as Business Correspondents to State Bank of India and can go for banking transactions on behalf of the bank. If anyone were searching such chance then they must grab this opportunity to go for SBI Kiosk Banking in their retailed outlet (just download; Agreement with SBI bank Mitra or mini bank). After following this process yu will be a tiny branch of prominent PSU Bank of the Country.



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